Toronto Is Fast Becoming The World’s Tech Job Hotspot

Some news that is sure to be great to techies around Toronto is the fact that in recent times, the number of tech jobs available in Toronto have simply multiplied.  It was not really a surprise when Toronto was recently recognized as recording one of the highest Tech Jobs growth in all of North America.  It is believed that in 2017 alone, the number of jobs which were added to the tech industry in Toronto was over 20,000 Tech Jobs.  This is simply remarkable and it surely did eclipse other Tech Industry growth in North America such as the 11,000 jobs recorded in San Francisco. This means that Toronto is now recognized as the 6th top places with the most tech jobs produced annually.   People are simply amazed at the progress which Toronto has made over the past few years and may be wondering how they have been able to make this great  of impact.  It is believed that one reason why this has been possible is due to the abundance of local talent in Toronto. Local talent has increased over the years in the city of Toronto due to various reasons.  One such reason is the fact that Toronto has become the centre of one of the most diverse cultural backgrounds in the entire World.  You can expect to find people from many different races around the world.  This is said to be one of the activities that make the city to be one of the biggest things when it comes to new business ventures. Another reason which is given for the growth of tech jobs in the city is the number of prestigious educational institutions that are present in the city of Toronto.  The University of Toronto, when combined with the York University, are among the icons which stand out in this great city.  It is estimated that during the past 4 years, the growth of tech degrees which have been awarded in these universities increased by almost 40%.  Therefore, it is no surprise that this increase has manifested in the increased interest in the tech industry.  There seems to be no end to the growth in Toronto. Thirdly, when it comes to the tech business, Toronto is quite affordable.  This can be seen in the cost which has been recorded when it comes to operating a tech company.  When these costs are compared with the cost of other top cities in Canada such as Vancouver, it seems to be a bargain for the potential success which has been recorded in that city.  This coupled with the favorable policy taken by the government when it comes to immigration and other related matters have meant the stream of talents which come in Toronto is properly harnessed and boosts the economy. Toronto right now is a buzzing city which is probably the business hub of Canada.  It remains to be seen how far Toronto can go in their bid to become the city with the largest job opportunity, especially in the tech industry.