Tech Jobs in Mountain View California

Tech Jobs Update in the Tech Hub, Mountain View California.

Tech Jobs prospective at Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled plans late last year for major construction and upgrade of their silicon valley Campus in Mountain View California. The construction is currently underway as some demolition has taken place and floors are getting rebuilt. The plan for this reconstruction is to make this complex a modern site and also add features to make it environmentally friendly. This new complex is going to be a work-friendly site for the over 2,000 existing employees plus the additional prospective new tech employees who will be hired. Estimates show that the construction of the complex should round up in 2019. This is No doubt a wonderful prospect for people who are looking to apply for tech jobs.  View Tech Jobs in Mountain View

Other tech jobs are also available in different parts of Mountain View California.

Jobs at Lark

The aim of Lark is to transform health through artificial intelligence. Lark App was ranked among the most innovative companies in the world along with Uber and Snapchat. It is their desire to improve the health of people through an AI digital health coach. This has become the first  Artificial intelligence health nurse to be paid for as a live healthcare professional. The app is designed to take data from phones and use them to create a personal health chat friendly robot which can stick to each user stay active, sleep more and stay healthy.

Some of their technological jobs openings in Mountain View include:

  • Android/React Native Engineer
  • Full-stack Software Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Healthcare IT Compliance Manager
  • DevOps/Site Reliability Engineers
  • Engineering Manager

Jobs at Baydin

Baydin manufactures the best email client in Andriod called Boomerang. It is also a plugin for Gmail and also Google Apps. It lets users schedule sending of emails, tracks responses, and also remove any incoming messages from their inbox and reproduce them when they need to see them.

Baydin has a lot of tech jobs with openings in Mountain View with reasonable pay and all you have to do is apply. Some include:

  • Design Job
  • Visual Designer.
  • Marketing Designer
  • Software Engineering Jobs
  • iOS Engineer
  • Python Backend Engineer
  • Android Engineer
  • Web Frontend Engineers
  • Senior Software Engineer

Jobs at Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is an e-commerce company that provides offline and online materials to boost kids creativity and curiosity.  Their goal is to offer kids an engaging way to explore create and learn. Making this learning process also delightful. Kiwi Crate also offers a subscription service which provides projects for kids. Due to the backing of some of the leading investor they are ranked by business insider among the 20 technological start-ups to watch out for. They provide materials required for hands-on activities such as art, science, games and imaginative play.  They also have activities which are designed to help kids from 3years of age till they become teenagers. They have job opportunities to match their current technological requirements and activities. A few of their tech jobs include

  • Design Jobs
  • Associate Print Publication/Graphic Designer
  • Operations Jobs
  • Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics
  • Software engineer
View Tech Jobs in Mountain View.