San Diego Tech Jobs: Fast Growing Tech Job Market in the US

San Diego has recently shown that it is ready to join its neighbors San Francisco and Los Angeles, in becoming a tech hub technological giant in the United States. Commenting on this is the branch manager for Robert Half, Kyle Houston, says that 2018 it has been a year of transformation for San Diego’s tech job market. In the yearly Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast & Local Trend Report, that San Diego was ranked number 1 among U.S. cities for its prospective tech job recruitment in 2018.  View San Diego Tech Jobs

This is not surprising when we consider the fact that about 29 percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) plan to employ technology professionals before the middle of the year. This is an amazing 14 points increase when compared to the tech job situation in 2017. More to this, about 51 of CIOs plan to fill any position that becomes vacant as quickly as possible to maintain present staff levels.

Statistics have shown that among the 100 fastest growing occupations between 2014 and 2024, tech jobs such as web developers, app developers, and system analysts are inclusive.

Let us look at some of the tech jobs on an increase in San Diego.



According to hiring predictions, employers in the fast-growing San Diego tech job market will be looking for the following tech skills in 2018:

Cybersecurity- Branch manager of Robert Half, Kyle Houston, commenting on the need for technologist on cybersecurity explains that this is due to the rise in cyber attacks lately. Many hackers have invented many sophisticated methods of compromising corporate data and so the need for smarter and skilled technologists.

Wireless network management – Hiring more tech workers in this sector provides a good method for keeping up with the steady increasing mobile workforce and the growing need for additional flexibility employees require.

Database management- There is also a growing need for protection and efficient management of competitive analytics, which many tech companies rely on.  This also highlights another aspect where technical skills are required.

In addition to this growing need for technical skills in San Diego, employers also look for candidates who have a great ability to work with others in an organization. Kyle Houston mentions that as marketing becomes commonplace in business today, there is also a need for interpersonal skills which are very critical to the success of technological operations. He further states that irrespective of the role required, people skills and communication are important factors to be considered in hiring.



A poll conducted on CIOs in San Diego shows that 26 percent plan to focus on strengthening the security of IT systems and protection of their companies information throughout the year. The CIOs also mentions other areas of concerns.

  • 21 percent mentions a need to upgrade an existing system to increase business efficiency.
  • 21 percent mentions a need for innovation for the growth of their business.
  • 17 percent mentions a plan to invest in new technologies.
  • 14 percent mentions staff retention.

Houston sums up the growing situation by saying that as more businesses build in San Diego, so the expected demand for full-time professionals with skills in web development, technological operations, and cybersecurity. These professionals are required to support the growth of the so many internet-based companies.

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