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San Diego About To Experience A Major Change.

San Diego is very well known for its defense technology firms, biotechnology, and wireless semiconductors. However, most of the software students that graduate from the universities there end up going elsewhere to look for jobs because San Diego has a very low number of software firms that are big and well known like these graduates desire.

However things are about to change, as Amazon will soon celebrate the opening of their new technology hub in San Diego, and as part of the office expansion, Amazon plans to create 300 new technology jobs through this tech hub. There will be job openings for software developers in the New Amazon’s Tech Hub too, so this will even boost the confidence of the new software graduates, so they can stay back in San Diego.

Even Amazon is also very excited that they are creating more tech jobs in San Diego because the city is one that possesses a terrific talent and a wonderful culture of innovation. Amazon said they look forward to doubling their investment in San Diego, and they can’t wait to hire the great local talents in the city to fill up exciting roles in the tech hub.

The cost of living in San Diego is not as high as the cost of living in other cities in California. This makes it even easy to invest there. A new multiplayer online game is about to be created in the Amazon studio in San Diego. This is along side the creation of a technology that is responsible for Whole Foods and Pickups and also delivery. This was achieved by the team in San Diego. In 2011, about 39,000 jobs were created by Amazon this providing jobs for the people in California. In addition to this, Amazon studio invested in the infrastructure and also in the wages of the employees, by spending about 19 billion dollars.

A bill known as the “Stop BENOZ ACT”. BENOZ stands for “Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act”.  This bill was introduced by Bernie Sanders a member of the Senate. The purpose of this bill was to see that large companies which include Amazon, pay for the welfare of the employees which includes housing, feeding, medical care and so on to the government. This formal presidential candidate made mention that this bill will create a hundred percent tax on the welfare benefits received by employees from employers with at least 500 workers on the government.

But instead, the large company Amazon did not seem to agree with this saying that many of the workers in California majorly depend on the government benefits to live up to certain standards. They also said that the figures recorded by Sanders were very wrong and cannot be relied on due to the fact that these figures include workers that are not permanent staff and also those that work per time.

Let the celebration begin in San Diego as Amazon open a new Tech Hub office.