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Top 10 Toronto Brands for Tech Workers.

Most times, what employees think about a company says a lot about the company. If you are a company owner.  Have you ever sat down to think about what your employees think about your company?  Well, the annual report of top brand employers has been released by job website, located in the United States. This list was decided by employees especially the tech workers. There are several tech companies in Toronto but surprisingly 10 companies made the top 10 list. It is interesting to note that almost half of these companies that made the list are not even tech companies. These companies or brand include.   View Toronto Tech Jobs

Shopify: This is not the first time they are topping the list. They always remain at the top due to the fact that they relocate in different places, they also recruit tech workers regularly not to forget to mention that they also hold remote work practices. It is for this reason they have gained the attention of several employees. They sure know how to treat their employees well.

Kijiji: This company or brand came in second place. They definitely put in some work to get to this spot as they were third place in the previous ranking.

Royal Bank of Canada: Also called RBC has been an amazing brand to be ranked third position. The most interesting part is that RBC was not even on the top ten list last year, so much hard work paid off. A recent upgrade might have gotten them to this spot. It has been heard that RBC plans on spending about three million dollars on different new technologies. LinkedIn recognized RBC this year saying that working for them is a good choice as they make sure their employees get good lives and also promoting healthy behaviours by giving rewards. All this shows how much they are interested in the welfare of their employees.

Freshbooks: This is the first time this cloud based invoicing software firm would make it to the list. They came fourth. This is really amazing.

There are also different companies or brands that this list is the first list that they will be recognized. The reason for making it to the list despite the fact that they are not even tech companies is probably because of how well they treat the tech workers they have employed. These companies include.

  • Scotiabank
  • Flipp
  • Thompson Reuters
  • TD Bank
  • Loblaw digital
  • CIBC

Surprisingly, close to half of the above companies do not have a technology foundation, meaning that they are not technology based, but they have embraced the use of technology into their system. An example is Loblaw digital. Loblaw digital is an e-commerce division of a supermarket chain, and they made the list, in fact, ranked ninth position.

It should be noted that the list and report about several tech companies are to improve the standards and also the health and benefits of their employees. This can be achieved by either creating flexible working hours, enhancing recruitment, offering remote work.  View Developer Jobs in Toronto